How the hell do I describe what I do?

Do people understand? 
Do you sometimes get RCF? Really confused face? 

Because I do. And It’s a nasty first world problem. But I keep trying. And you should too. Because personal branding isn’t an option. It’s required. So it’s time to get personal with your pitch. 

What do you believe in? (Miracles? Data? Blueberries for breakfast?)
What are your business rituals? (A process? A question? A rabbit foot around your neck?) 
What are you known for? (Creativity? Punctuality? Chocolate pie?)

What makes you weird? (Unicorn collection? Clean desk? Five minutes of flossing?)

People want something to hold on to. They want inspiration. They want confidence. They want to belong. They want hope. They want to know that YOU are unafraid to be yourself.

When you set yourself apart, you set yourself up for success. That is all. Schedule a 30 minute Zoom call with me. It's free and fun. Pinky swear.

This Month You Might Find Me...

  • Reading this little piece on personal branding from Forbes
    Working on my Brand Journal! Due out 2020

  • High on Karaoke Spin Class

  • Storytelling at the PRSA Conference

  • Partnering with Rachel of REL Impact

Lattes and Long Weekends,


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