Need a personal brand?

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Does  your online brand reflect your awesomeness? Do customers know your story? Do YOU feel good when you read it? Or is your bio a teensy a bit boring? Are you neglecting your social media profiles?  

Might wanna reconsider that.

I have partnered with entrepreneurs, professionals and companies since 2002. As a storyteller, I establish their authentic and relevant voice.

LinkedIn Profile Copy. Resume Writing. Bio Writing. Website Content.

You've got experience & industry cred. You know you're cool.
You need to attract the right people. Look holy-shit amazing in  your space. Probably without swearing.

But you can't write it yourself. 

You need someone to mine your magic and storytell like crazy.

I know how.
I’m on a white horse and I’m coming.  




Website Content

Marketing is no longer about describing your product. It's about anticipating your customer's needs. And giving them an experience.  And the first thing they need is a human on the other end. Whatever you're all about, we'll give you and your service a personal brand. You're the star. I'm the storyteller. Call 303.746.1503 for a quote. 

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I heart resumes. (Resumes and sing alongs.) Why? Because I find YOU so damn interesting. I enjoy getting beyond your features and benefits to what makes you magical. Are you a bridge-builder or a change-maker? Do you shoulder burden really well? Do you get inspired by Bono or that Bulletproof guy? And where do you come from anyway? These details are what make you human. it matters and I can make it work.  Call 303.746.1503 for a quote. 

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Email Blasts

Good email campaigns are like red farm boots. Bright, simple and strong.  Something emotive, something you, something relevant and something new. Nope, I've never planned weddings. That just came to me--but it's SO true. Call 303.746.1503 for a quote. 

Decisions are the worst. . .especially when it comes to boots. But You Might Want to Meet with Me If. . . 


The Seasoned Sage 

You’re over 40, grappling with a teensy bit of fear and you need an online brand. LinkedIn profile. Resume. Ghost-blogs. The works. Something authentic, but professional. It's time for a new chapter.

The Hot-Shot Worth & Few Million

Your company is making 1-5 million a year. You’re growing fast and need a LOTTA content. Social posts. Email blasts. Blogs. Sales pages. You consider content a monthly investment, not a one-time expense.

The Smart, Service-Offering Solopreuneur


The Slightly Panicked Mid-Size Company

You’re a professional organizer, some kind of coach or therapist  who works with individuals 1:1. Tired of being embarrassed by your website. You want an authentic online presence, packages and e-blasts that represent the real you. Nothing smarmy. Nothing sales-y. From the heart and action-inspiring.

You’re a service-based company who's done with content farms. You have a completely overwhelmed in-house writer because their job description was written for a superhero, not a human. You've tried freelancers--they're too fluffy or don't ask the right questions. In a moment of insanity, you agreed to handle the content demand overflow and then cried yourself to sleep that same night. You need consistent, creative content and someone who will make your days move easy. 

Public Speaking is My Passion.
Yep. Dancing Too.

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My speaking events are a lot like a wedding in your 20s. Unpredictable. Lots of 80s references. And always a lesson about what makes a good story.

Just finished talking about Website Content Warriorship with NAPO, heading to Ellevate for a Resume and LinkedIn workshop in a few weeks and excited to launch my online course in 2019. Can I get a Hallelujah?


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