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Andrea Enright has run a storytelling agency since 2002, helping service-based clients (5M in annual revenues) find their authentic, relevant, and sometimes irreverent brand voice.

You need content. And you needed it yesterday!

Storytelling is such a buzzword. You’re over it.
Empty promises. No happily ever after.

You've got a content strategy. You've divvied up the dollars. Now you need to convert leads. Attract decision-makers. Look holy-shit amazing in your space.

I know how.
I’m on a white horse and I’m coming.  



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You Might Wanna Eat Raspberry Croissants With Me If. . . .

  • THE SEASONED SAGE: You’re over 40, grappling with a teensy bit of fear and you need an online brand. LinkedIn profile. Resume. Ghost-blogs. The works. Something authentic, but professional. 
  • A WOMAN WORTH A FEW MILLION: Your company is making 1-2 million a year. You’re growing fast and need a LOTTA content. Social posts. Email blasts. Blogs. Sales pages. You consider content a monthly investment, not a one-time expense.
  • A SMART, SERVICE-OFFERING SOLO-PRENEUR: You’re a professional organizer or some kind of awesome sauce coach that works with individuals 1:1. You want an authentic website, packages and e-blasts that represent the real you. Nothing smarmy. Nothing sales-y.  
  • AN EVER-SO-SLIGHTLY PANICKED COMPANY: You’re a mid-sized company who's done with content farms. You have a completely overwhelmed in-house writer. Why? Because her job description was written for a superhero, not a human. You need consistent, creative content.

Come see me LIVE at BMA, AMA and MMA.
Just kidding, no martial arts.
But Dave Bacon's recruiting staff will welcome
me this week (there'd better be bacon) 
and those other marketing peeps I mentioned
will be my audience in March and April.
Stay tuned.