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Content! Mwah! The Whole New You

Maybe you're transitioning careers. Or starting a consulting practice. Or leaving the corporate world to be a coach. Or need a job. Maybe you've googled yourself and are like. . .WTF? I'm so much cooler than that. I specialize (seriously, I'm passionate about it) in discovering your magic then telling that story. You need a personal branding polish and I've been sent from above.

--LinkedIn Profile Statement
--Resume Refurbish
--One Thought Leadership Blog

Content Warrior: Got Your Sword, Ready to Sell

You have a website and love it. You're a year or two in. Business is good, not great. You need more sales. A powerful landing page to convert. And you know consistent content will make your business go bananas! Maybe even fudge-covered frozen ones.

—Landing/Sales Page—four whole sections!
—5 Blogs
—5 Email Blasts
—10 Social Media Messages

Content Whippersnapper: Have Moves, Need Mojo

You have a website, it's not bad, but you're not sure it's working. You just figured out Mailchimp (nice!), but can't quite get the content written. Blogs are moving slowly. Okay, not at all. You think Facebook or LinkedIn or Instagram is a good idea in theory. . . .

—Website Audit
—Six Email Blasts
—3 Blog Edits
—10 Social Media Posts


A Word About Process. . . 

PHASE ONE: The First Long Coffee Shop Date
1) Face-to-face Energy Exchange: Big picture context. Specific goals. Why you called. What makes you tick. What success looks like. 

2) Brand Voice Boomsauce: You might need a workshop. Even if you already did it three years ago. Voices in your head are a good thing. Let's listen and document and have chocolate and carbs in the room.

3) Resource Pile-Up: Sitemap. Wireframe. Templates. White papers. Past mojo. Personas. Styleguide. Analytics. Totally required. 

4) Competitive Analysis: If you have one, great. If you don't, we'll do it. Industry stuff and "hey I love their website stuff".

5) Partner Fist-Bumps: Designer, UI, SEO, Accounting, Administrative. Tedious, but totally necessary. Do not pass Go without doing this.

6) SME Championing: Email introductions to SMEs and approvers. Communicate and agree on project priority.

7) Tech & Admin Biscuits: Platform/tool credentials, timeline, response time expectations, weekly touchpoint scheduling. 

PHASE TWO: Graduating to Dinner & a Movie
SME Meetings
Deep Storytelling
Content Submissions
Talking Someone Off the Ledge
Tolerating Chaos
More Revisions
Legal Approval

PHASE THREE: Moving on to a Day-Long Festival
Online Review and Feedback
Designer Debates/Teamwork
Revisiting Content in Context (CIC)
Saying No to New SMEs
Final Approval
Final Proof



Content Commandments

1) When everything is special, nothing is special. (directly from the incredibles)

2) Use bold subheads and one-liners and no one gets hurt.

3) We must translate, educate and enchant. Every time.

4) Stop talking about yourself for the love of God!

5) Eliminate UCPs (Useless Crap Paragraphs and Phrases)



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