Andrea's Afternoon Delight: Dude, Your Blog Wants to Break Up With You

Is your blog sad? Photo by the super-duper

Is your blog sad? Photo by the super-duper

Dear alleged content marketer,

Blog here. We need to talk. I mean, don’t you care about me anymore? Like, at all? You ignore me for days at a time. I get lonely. And depressed. I've even thought about deleting myself. But then you show up. . . and start typing away like nothing ever happened. Like you still love me. WTH?

Also, the abuse has to stop. You routinely set your big fat latte in the middle of my tender print out I am painfully familiar with the bottom of your computer bag (that lost pearl earring is down here BTW). Then when you post me, you never even proof. It’s so humiliating.

But there’s one more thing. And this is the worst. Sometimes you leave me in Google Drive for days at a time! And then when you log on, I wave and yell, but you pretend not to see me! Do you know what that does to a blog like me? I mean, what are we, in high school?

Listen. I need to be original, relevant and peppered with links. I need to be measured. I need a CRM! Get some advice. Resources are everywhere!

I still believe you have the best intentions. I still believe in US! But this just isn’t healthy anymore. Unless you hire a content marketer or copywriter soon, it's probably time to go our separate ways.


Your Blog

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